Cooking + Nutrition


I have always had a zest for cooking. I love using local organic goodies to create the healthiest dishes. I call myself a nutritarian, a person who realises that your diet style has to be one of nutritional quality, I also am a self-taught cook with the gift to be good at balancing flavours together creating new nourishing dishes. My cooking inspirations are coming from my Mediterranean roots and my nonna’s traditional cooking.

Nutrition advice


My goal is to help you break free the dieting cycle and discover what truly works for you. Have you ever heard about intuitive eating? I will guide you to find foods what works for your bio-individuality and make you feel your best.

Cooking with me


I believe that cooking is a spiritual practice; the healing power of adding love to your food will transform your physical and mental health. From your mood to relationships, career to much more a nourishing diet will help you connect with your body and live a happier, fuller, more productive life.

I’m keen to teach you how to cook some simple delicious, and uncomplicated seasonal dishes using mainly local products. I will guide you through the basics of where to buy, how to store, how to meal prep how to save money by learning shopping and storing techniques.

Hire me to cook for you, your colleagues and friends!

  • Healthy home cooking at your workplace or private kitchen.

  • Healthy food demos: smoothies, breakfasts, quick meals, meals on the go

  • Healthy home cooking session for birthday parties, hen dos or bachelorette parties, private events.

  • Healthy home cooking for companies, start ups, team building.



1-1 cooking
€150/2hr session
€250 4hr meal prep for the week
Grocery on top.

Small Groups
2 people x €100
3 people x €75
4 people x €60 5 people x €50

Private events & corporate Please inquire for rates




Anna is someone full of light, that gives everything to those that surround her.

“I was lucky enough to meet Anna while pregnant with my beautiful daughter. I still remember that first day. It was an early morning class of prenatal meditation. The sun was shining and the sky was blue... That morning I left the class feeling full of positivity, pumped with energy and overall very happy. After that, I decided to start Anna’s prenatal yoga classes which I loved! It wasn’t like the ones that I had been going to and that were offered through the health insurance. The exercises demanded more of me, which is something that I loved, and it always finished with a nice relaxation time and a little head massage. During the classes we would read 10 positive affirmations for the birth of our little ones, which made a huge difference on those last months/weeks of pregnancy and while giving birth. 

I also participated in some cooking classes which I enjoyed very much! I learned lots of new recipes and she also shared with us information about health. After that I took the decision of working with Anna as my health coach. She has been to my home for a home-cooking class and has been my health coach for the last 6 months. 

Anna is someone full of light, that gives everything to those that surround her. She is extremely motivated, a happy and positive woman and passionate yoga instructor and health coach. She has not only helped me open my eyes to a new way of eating and relation with food but has also changed the way I cook for those I love the most, my husband and my baby girl. I can highly recommend her!“

—Cata Toro

“Anna is an amazing human being whose positive outlook on life is infectious. “

“I first met Anna as an instructor in a yoga class. I then learned about Anna’s holistic approach to life and began a relationship with Anna around food. I invited her into my home to prepare meals and dinner party food. Anna’s approach to cooking is about healing. She chooses her ingredients wisely and with purpose. Anna is an amazing human being whose positive outlook on life is infectious. There’s a saying that people come into your life and you are never the same – this is how I feel about Anna. Such a gift to know her!”

—Charlene from Berlin