Why Flawsome Yoga flow?

My Flawsome Yoga flows are a mix of Vinyasa and Hatha with a touch of Kundalini influence, each flow is designed to take care of the natural change that individuals go through daily while accepting each person as they are in the moment. Flawsome yoga is a practice that embraces the perfection and the flaws existing in everyone just the way they are but also takes into consideration the need to improve and transform, giving you the chance to bring out the best in yourself every day!

The Yoga path is a long life journey of self-discovery; I believe that life is shaped from the inside out and that the purpose of life is this self-discovery itself. We are always evolving as humans, so in essence, we are ever changing. Change is inevitable; change will occur whether we are consciously aware of it or not. The type of change we go through is a reflection of our state of mind and the state of spirituality that we are in.



The plethora of duties that nature thrusts upon women during pregnancy can make us feel physically and mentally overwhelmed. I believe that motherhood is not merely and physical state but a divine state. It is essential for a woman to maintain her physical and mental well-being both for her own sake and for the sake of her child/ren and family.

I have a soft spot for babies, some people call me the baby whisperer. I felt called to start working with moms during pre and postnatal because I believe the future is in the hands of our children. I want to help create a community that will support each member in their journey to becoming healthy parents. Happy mom = happy baby. Healthy Parents = Healthy Children = Thriving generation.

My private prenatal classes focus on preparing your pelvic floor for labor, integrating breath-work, meditation and deep relaxation. I’ll guide through gentle flow created to energise your body and reconnecting with your inner you and ‘mini-me’

My private postnatal classes focus on the pelvic floor repair and inner core strengthening. Each flow will make you stronger from the inside out and I will lead you through a full recovery of your body and mind all topped up with the perk of practising with your baby.



It’s a busy world out there, and we can easily get overwhelmed by the hustle and bustle of daily life which can lead to losing connection with the present moment, missing out on how you are doing and how you are feeling.

My private yoga classes are a great way to explore in detail your practice, ask questions and to create tailored flows that respect and enhance your own individuality diving deeper in your physical anatomy and or spirituality.

My private meditation classes focus on paying attention with kindness. It is common knowledge these days that mindfulness can help us make positive changes in our brains and our lives; nevertheless, it is not so easy to learn to stay present. Mindfulness isn’t just about paying attention; it’s about how we pay attention. I firmly believe that what we practise grows stronger. Each meditation class utilises a number of different approaches, exploring mind power techniques, breath-works aka pranayama and yoga nidra.



I have a vision of a world where all forward-thinking companies and start-ups provide the best work environment and conditions to facilitate employee’s self-betterment in all life areas which will lead to an increase of productivity, motivation, and work performance.

My teaching embraces evolving identities as I honour progress over perfections. I will bring into your workplace tailored breath-works, stretching and mindfulness as the perfect counteraction to a working day. The aim is to allow each worker to find balance, strength and to tap into their inner creativity which will bring more authentic and innovative workflow.

My nourishing Yoga tailored sessions at your workplace (mornings, lunchtimes or evenings.) can also be integrated with Mindful meditation and breath-works, wellness talks or health coaching sessions for small and bigger groups.




1-1 Yoga sessions
Single Sessions / Packages 5/10/15/20
€50/€85 - 60 or 90 min

Yoga for small groups or corporate
Single sessions / Packages €85/€250 60 or 90 min

Mindfulness for individuals or groups
€85/€250 60 or 90 min

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12.30 - 13.30 - Vinyasa Power Yoga @ John&Janes, Berlin (In English)

13.30 - 14.00 Guided Meditation @ John&Janes, Berlin (In English)

19.30- 21.00 - Hot Relax Yin Yoga @ John&Janes, Berlin (In English)


20.15 - 21.45 - Slow Flow @ Sunyoga, Berlin ( In English)


20.15 -21.45 - Hot Vinyasa Yoga @ Sunyoga, Berlin (In English)



12:00 - 13:00 Hot Detox Yoga @ John&Janes, Berlin


13.30 - 14.30 - Pre-Postnatal Yoga @ BECYCLE, Berlin

18.00 - 19.30 - Hot Relax Yin Yoga @ John&Janes, Berlin (In English)

19.30 - 20.00 Guided Meditation @ John&Janes, Berlin (In English)


I am registered with the Yoga Alliance and am fully insured.