I first met Anna as an instructor in a yoga class. I then learned about Anna’s holistic approach to life and began a relationship with Anna around food. I invited her into my home to prepare meals and dinner party food. Anna’s approach to cooking is about healing. She chooses her ingredients wisely and with purpose. Anna is an amazing human being whose positive outlook on life is infectious. There’s a saying that people come into your life and you are never the same – this is how I feel about Anna. Such a gift to know her!
— Charlene from Berlin

“I was overwhelmed by her precious & wholehearted attitude!”

I met Anna when I was pregnant with my 2nd baby boy and joined her prenatal yoga class during this exciting time of my life. I was overwhelmed by her precious & wholehearted attitude and thrilled about finding a prenatal yoga class which was so so different than the other one I went before with my 1st child.

Anna's classes are focused on your inner (body) awareness and just what's good for you (& your baby). Afterwards, you're just HAPPY and perfectly satisfied.

Funny thing: I enthusiastically told my pregnant friend about Anna while we accidentally found out that she joined her classes at a different place, too. And of course, she was hooked, as well!

-Nina Popovic

“Anna is a wonderfully warm, kind and beautiful soul!”

I invited her into my home during my third trimester with my second baby. I had been really struggling with back and pelvic pain, sleep issues and general pregnancy related stress and anxiety. Anna immediately made me feel calm and focused and we were able to work together to create bespoke weekly yoga sessions at home which were hugely beneficial for me. Anna is very open to suggestions and is an intuitive practitioner. She really listens to your needs and applies her expert knowledge to create yoga and mediation practices just for you.

Anna continued to provide 1-1 post partum yoga & meditation sessions for me and I was able to continue a gentle practice whilst recovering from my birth. My Tuesday sessions with Anna truly became the highlight of my week and I looked forward to having some ‘me time’ as Anna would soothe my daughter while I practiced, this was so helpful. Anna has a genuine love for babies and women.

-Carly Joseph

“Anna‘s teaching has completely transformed my yoga practice for the better. In class she clearly and intelligently directs my awareness so that I now appreciate the purpose of each asana and have a stronger connection with my body and the movement of energy through it.

She’s amazing, full of good energy. Love doing yoga with her. And my daughter aswell”

-Susanne Koch


“I could lose 5 kg in 6 months”

"My first goal was to lose weight and have a helthier nutrition. With a thinking about what I ate and many tips of Anna I could lose about 5 kg in 6 months.

My second goal was to have more contact with other people. With Annas help I could start more conversations with other people."

— Christian Hoyer

“An Inspiring and motivating teacher”

Anna is an inspiring , motivating teacher. Her classes are the perfect balance of restoration and energetic flowing movements. I feel so grateful to have had you teach me yoga in Berlin. Thanks for helping me nourish my body and mind.

— Jessamy Hardy

“she brings so much love and energy into her practice and passes it all on to her students.”

Definitely one of the best yoga lessons I've ever had! Anna is such a lovely teacher who knows a lot more about yoga and its origin than you would see in most of the other yoga teachers due to the fact that she was actually trained in India. Practicing with her truly shows that she's not only doing it for the body but also for the mind because she brings so much love and energy into her practice and passes it all on to her students. I'm so grateful that I had the opportunity to practice with her and get to know her.

— Lina Lacroix

As a married couple we were looking for a shared and private yoga and meditation class.

Luckily we met Anna, who gave us an unforgettable experience. Her cordial and professional style is what sets her apart.

We have learnt a lot and felt safe and comfortable at all times.

Her sensitive nature quickly connected with us, which has led to a very personalised and intense program.

We can highly recommend Anna and hope to have a cooking and nutrition session with her soon as well.

—Andre & Eileen from Berlin

Anna is someone full of light, that gives everything to those that surround her

“I was lucky enough to meet Anna while pregnant with my beautiful daughter. I still remember that first day. It was an early morning class of prenatal meditation. The sun was shining and the sky was blue... That morning I left the class feeling full of positivity, pumped with energy and overall very happy. After that, I decided to start Anna’s prenatal yoga classes which I loved! It wasn’t like the ones that I had been going to and that were offered through the health insurance. The exercises demanded more of me, which is something that I loved, and it always finished with a nice relaxation time and a little head massage. During the classes we would read 10 positive affirmations for the birth of our little ones, which made a huge difference on those last months/weeks of pregnancy and while giving birth. 

I also participated in some cooking classes which I enjoyed very much! I learned lots of new recipes and she also shared with us information about health. After that I took the decision of working with Anna as my health coach. She has been to my home for a home-cooking class and has been my health coach for the last 6 months. 

Anna is someone full of light, that gives everything to those that surround her. She is extremely motivated, a happy and positive woman and passionate yoga instructor and health coach. She has not only helped me open my eyes to a new way of eating and relation with food but has also changed the way I cook for those I love the most, my husband and my baby girl. I can highly recommend her!  

- Cata Toro

Her love and attention is like a warm blanket: her only goal is to guide you through your transformation and be there to hold you accountable for all of the progress you will make.

“Having Anna as your coach is a blessing. Her knowledge on finding your balance both on and off your plate is exceptional and she always finds creative ways to include just that little more self-care in your life that you actually so needed, but never knew how to really incorporate. Her love and attention is like a warm blanket: her only goal is to guide you through your transformation and be there to hold you accountable for all of the progress you will make. She is an expert and incorporates her own lessons on how to live your dream in all of her sessions, making them very genuine and realistic. Not only is she the loveliest coach, she is also an amazing cook. She comes up with healthy eating options that have blown my mind time and time again. Her knowledge on flavours, combining herbs, elimination diets and special meals is beyond belief. I feel so grateful to have her in my life and wish everyone could have an Anna in their life too!”

-Cindy from the Netherlands

Being truthful is the new beautiful
— Suzy Kassem

Thank you for your kind words, I’m so grateful!