My Story


Originally hailing from Italy but feeling like a true citizen of the world as I spent many years in London, Ibiza and now Berlin. I worked in the electronic music scene for 7 years, starting as a radio presenter and hosting my own radio show called “We Play House”, moving to Ibiza in 2010 for my first summer season where I had the privilege to work for Radio Sonica, Radio Amnesia and as interviewer for Pioneer’s online TV channel DJSOUND.COM. In 2012 I started to work with my friends from Fuse London (label and event brand) and we became family for a good while. As the brand started to grow in London I saw the potential of what they were creating and I was eager to expand the project, firstly working as PR manager in Ibiza and then eventually as their booking agent. From 2013 to 2015 I worked as a talent agent for an Italian agency. After a few years I decided to face new challenges and become an international booking agent, and in 2015 started to work for Artist Alife agency in Berlin.

Eventually things changed and my motivation to work as a booker started to run dry, for many personal reasons and also because I felt I was in the wrong surroundings. I didn’t feel respected enough in my position and struggled to empower myself. I felt totally weak and for a long time I wouldn’t dare ask for help, until I finally lost my voice in it completely. I was blaming others and I was blaming my own femininity but at some point I had to stop blaming everyone else. It required a brave action to rise above all the fears I had and I started to focus on healing my most important relationship: the one with myself. This is the moment when I surrendered to fear and guilt - I realised that I didn’t have to prove anything to anyone, and so I started my new life path studying Yoga philosophy. I have been practicing Yoga for at least a decade but mostly just as an exercise and keeping fit. Only when I embraced Yoga fully and spent two months in India I began to understand how it could guide people to find their true nature. I strongly believe the purpose of life is this self-discovery, whether we are consciously aware of it or not.

I’ve gone through some life epiphanies that changed my life completely. I now feel on a mission to spread what I learned through the studies and practice of Yoga, creating a community of people that will support each member so that we can succeed together in fulfilling our life’s purposes. I’m keen to help women and men to find balance, strength and confidence, enhancing their creativity to do the things that inspire them in their lives.

Our current society wants women to be people pleasers, approval seekers and emotional care takers, to avoid conflict and be tolerant of poor treatment. We have many fears embedded in our bodies so the more we can address our own anxieties and worries the more we can believe in ourselves. Embracing our bodies and working on all the levels of our being is undoubtedly the way towards self-worthiness, self-acceptance and a healthy success in any  male-dominated industry.


Identifying the passion behind your intention is the key to tapping into motivation.