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Cacao Ceremony & Heart Opening Flow with Anna ft. Amber Riya

  • Malzfabrik 2-14 Bessemerstraße Berlin, Berlin, 12103 Germany (map)

Have you ever practised yoga high on cacao?

I believe that there’s nothing that bonds people together like food and cacao beans, which are considered the world’s most precious food. In fact, the word kə-ˈkau̇ means food of the gods. Cacao is a gentle way for people to experience awakening, a revelation that’s safe and available. Integrating meditation on cacao, breath-work and a heart-opening dynamic Yoga Flow, this is going to be a full body and soul bonding experience.

The whole ceremony will be filled with the angelic voice and music of Amber Riya. Amber is a channel of sacred sound that permeates the body, heart and spirit. Her alchemical sound enfolds the listener and brings a deepening and softening quality to spiritual practice. Come to sing yourself, celebrate yourself and pour your heart out with us!


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The cacao beans for this pure, single origin cacao mass exclusively stem from abandoned plantations on Trinidad that have not been cultivated in more than 40 years - a true historical rarity. after this long time, nature has reclaimed her space and instead of a monoculture plantation, we find a lush thicket of papayas, mangoes, bananas and nutmeg trees alongside the "original trinitario" cacao trees. this biodiverse bush naturally lowers the efficiency of the harvesting but it gives the sensitive cacao trees the shade and protection from the elements that they need to unfold all their biochemical potency and aroma.

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