"When you make your well-being a priority and view your health as self care significant changes occur."



Flawsome Yoga wellness is a healing service by Anna Giunta.

my mission: is to play a significant role in improving health and happiness spreading love and light through Yoga teaching and Integrative Nutrition  health Coaching. The concept of Flawsome Yoga Wellness is founded on the idea that everyone is unique, hence no one diet or lifestyle fits all. Anna strongly believes the purpose of life is self-discovery. Yoga practice together with a healthy lifestyle play a crucial role in this self-discovery process.

My gift: is to help people increase their personal consciousness and acquiring self awareness by creating different healthy habits, increasing energy levels, confidence and overall well being.


“By taking small steps to nurture your mind, body, and soul, you'll find yourself living LA DOLCE VITA every day."



Flawsome Yoga Wellness uses different methods and practices to make you align with your heart center and bring out the best of Healthy You.

Whether you are interested in the Flawsome Vinyasa Yoga,  Flawsome mama Yoga, the Integrated Nutrition Health Coaching, the Flawsome cooking workshops or the Flawsome Inner You, or all of them together, I will support you to make you discover and love unconditionally your TRUE SELF!


ready to add healthy habits to your life?

Together  we


are stronger!